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Each professional field requires specific vocabulary; it’s another language in itself!


These courses are designed to address those particular needs. Learn how to operate in a certain place, work in a certain industry or understand specific language for your future career choice.

Get your friends or colleagues to come with you! With just a minimum of 5 students required, we can create a subject-specific Spanish program tailored to meet your requirements. Let us know what area your group wants to study e.g. business, law, medical Spanish, Spanish for DELE examinations, or a combination of topics.

Another option is a custom-built Spanish Culture Program, in which the focus of learning is placed on culture, history and idiosyncrasy. Whatever your institution’s requirements, we work with you every step of the way to meet your needs and make it happen.

Possible Areas of Study:

  • Spanish Grammar
  • Hispanic Literature
  • Spanish Phonetics
  • Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • Translation (Spanish-English)
  • Business Spanish
  • Medical Spanish
  • Spanish for Specific Purposes e.g. Football coaching
  • Preparation for DELE examinations

Let us help you!

Make the most of your time in Spain

To suit every budget.

€ Prices
Classes start at just 4 euros/hour! This is one of the most economical investments you can make

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