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remote - internships

Remote Internships

Remote internships allow students to work on a global level and yet stay local. An online internship can be done from anywhere, allowing students to have flexibility and freedom to work and gain professional experience remotely. Find an international internship in your potential field today!

“It was so convenient to learn and grow professionally without having to leave my house! This really helped me since my schedule, responsibilities, and financial situation didn’t permit me the time to travel abroad.” –  Stephanie, USA

remote internship

Online Internships

 – Working online removes barriers to international internship opportunities, helping you to gain work experience with amazing companies in Spain from your own home

– Enjoy the cross cultural communication aspect of an international intern position, through online platforms and 1-on-1 video coaching

– Develop digital business skills which are essential in today’s job market

 – Boost your CV with global work experience

 – Have the chance to combine a unique professional opportunity with your current endeavors, to make the most of your time and reap the rewards!


Online Internship Programs Include:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Media
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Design
  • IT
  • Journalism

How Does It Work?

Start your internship in 5 easy steps:

1) Apply online through our website

2) Undergo interviews with potential companies

3) Receive an internship offer

4) Sign up for the program

5) Start your remote internship

Let us help you!

Make the most of your time in Spain

To suit every budget.

€ Prices
Classes start at just 4 euros/hour! This is one of the most economical investments you can make

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More Information?

Why take an Online Internship?

  • Develop new skills – by working with companies who recognize the importance of digital skills in the modern workplace, an online internship position enables you to develop important cross cultural communication skills, useful interview techniques, digital platform management and more


  • Customize your internship – tailor your own internship program to work in the sector of your choice, to select dates that suit you and to discuss your goals with your internship supervisor via periodic mentoring sessions


  • Enhance your work profile – build up your CV, gain professional work experience, and improve your global business skills by working in a virtual multicultural environment, and becoming more qualified for future job opportunities


  • Create valuable connections – grow your professional network in your chosen industry on an international level


  • Save money – remote internships help cut travel costs and living expenses abroad while still gaining the benefits of an internship, making them more readily available for everyone

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