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Placement Sectors

Are you looking for an internship within a specific industry? Or you want to focus on a certain concentration within your field?

At Euroace we give you the opportunity to undergo an internship abroad in your chosen field of study. We provide you with different placement options based on your requirements and interests and from these options you can choose the internship that suits you best.

Our internships grant you the opportunity to work with local companies, gain a global perspective of your industry, receive professional training and experience and put into practice everything you have learnt thus far in your studies. 

We have brand new positions opened in:

Business, Administration, Biochemistry, Communications, Engineering, Education, Finance, Hospitality, Marketing, NGOs, Nursing, Nutrition, Sports

Take a look at our placement sectors below and explore the various concentrations you can pursue in the internship of your choice. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tax, labor and accounting consultancy firms. Interns will support their specific department’s daily tasks, manage some customers’ project operations and prepare reports for senior management.

Studios, agencies and firms working with different professional sectors such as: Architecture, Urbanism, Landscaping, Building Management, Project Management, Industrial Design, Computer Graphics, Fine Arts, Media, Communication Marketing and Finance. Interns will help and support in daily tasks and projects depending on their academic background, skills and goals.

With an extensive scope of business sectors, interns will gain an invaluable working experience in sales, operations, accounting, finance or marketing. Interns will be working in companies across multiple industries including pharma, banking, tourism, sports, biotechnology, retail, transport, hospitality, gaming and many more. Interns will support different departments depending on their academic background, skills and their goals within the internship.

Schools and kindergartens that offer bilingual Spanish and English education. Students will be assisting both Spanish classroom teachers and English classroom teachers. The intern will assist with one-on-one reading, oral presentations and individual group work. The intern will also support less able students and supervise students that require specific attention.

Engineering companies within different sectors, including: aeronautic, civil engineering, industrial engineering, food, plastic, steel, auto, furniture, textile, railway, PV and thermal solar energy, wind power, biomass, electronics, consultancy and turnkey projects. Interns will support and participate in different projects depending on their academic background and goals.

Fashion and textile companies specialized in high-quality brands, designer clothes, jewellery, fabrics, shoes and trends. Interns will learn multiple tasks involved in the process of purchasing raw materials; be part of the import department (materials, textiles, …); support the design & product department, provide cover across a variety of departments (textiles, design, collections, lab, laundry), or analyse processes and provide feedback.

Leading financial firms with presence in Europe and the United States. Companies specialized in three areas: Investment Banking, Asset Management and Multifamily Office. Interns will support financial investors and analysts in corporate transactions, such as mergers & acquisitions, restructurings, capital increases or IPOs,

Hospitals, health centres and medical clinics. Interns will assist in patient care, work with the diagnostic and treatment of pathologies and follow the guidelines of the tutor. Establish treatments and follow up. The intern will also help the tutor in designing and improving the assistance process, as well as teaching and researching activities.

Training, development and recruitment consultancies. Leaders in cognitive transformation, working with national and multinational clients in cutting edge and innovative programs. Interns will analyze markets/services/products, publish related content, coordinate strategy plans with its assigned department, support and participate in the activities carried out by the Company.

ICT companies working at national and international level. Wide range of services including: programming, coding, designing, strategic consulting in technology and business, technical training, processes reengineering, IT infrastructure, integration of systems and technologies, digital and app development. Some knowledge of specific programs and software may be required.

Law firms working with national and international law corporations and institutions. Active within the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Spanish Constitutional Court, Spanish Supreme Court. The students will follow up on cases related with legal matters of the law firms, elaborate legal documents, attend trials, support and develop different administrative tasks.

From freight transportation, warehousing and distribution, to supply chain solutions, our partner companies cover it all. Interns will be support managers planning, coordinating, executing warehouse activities. Candidates may help supervisor in the shipping, receiving, dock or blast areas. Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills are a plus.

Marketing and Ads agencies specialized in social media, digital optimization (SEO/SEM), mobile developments and events. Interns have a wide range of options available. They may help and support departments that develop and design apps, catalogues, video marketing, web design, digital communications, B2C and B2B marketing campaigns. The intern will actively take part in and work on different projects. The projects will all be related to external communications. The intern will gain experience with digital platforms, e-marketing, design, customer needs and negotiation.

Communications and media agencies, specialized in content and digital marketing for SMEs and start-ups. The companies generate powerful content, influential communication campaigns, and create great graphic designs. The roles call for a combination of publishing, marketing, analytics, PR, communication and leadership. Intern will create specific content, develop and implement strategic plans, and support the communications team with multi media channels.

Entertainment industry. Our main activities are artist management, production and development of entertainment events. We are specialized in live music and organizing concerts with national and international artists throughout Spain, especially in Valencia and the surrounding areas. We represent a wide variety of artists, orchestras and bands that hold over 1,200 performances annually. We also organize and participate in the management of several large music festivals in the country.

The tasks and responsibilities of the intern include: creating content for digital platforms, collaborating with the communications department, participating in the planning and organization of digital campaigns for music events, working with social media and websites.

Generate social impact and gain work experience at a wide range of NGOs. Activities are related to supporting the day-to-day work, updating project data in the organization’s internal system, organizing and preparing documentation related to projects, participating in activities and dynamics key to the performance of the NGOs. Interns will gain an invaluable experience volunteering with underprivileged communities.

PR and Ads agencies offering personalized and strategic approaches to different industries. Company goals include establishing brand credibility, brand awareness and market positioning. During the internship students will be in contact with international clients in the different industries, develop curated content for digital platforms, social media, and printed press & media. Additionally, the intern will coordinate media partnerships, hunt a selection of niche brands and close commercial agreements.

Wide scope of research and development activities, companies and industries. From drones to chemical enterprises, from engineering to labs. Interns will support technical teams, report on efficiency and effectiveness, support the design or manufacturing process, research equipment improvements, provide data analysis, transform ideas and concepts into a reality … The options available are endless and will depend on student’s background, skills and objectives.

Real estate agency specialized in the high street and luxury sector. The interns will identify wealthy workforces living in the stated cities, segment by income, design specific experience packages that could be suitable for them, generate social media content around these experiences that could attract potential customers to buying new properties.

Soccer clubs in La Liga, basketball clubs in ACB … Working for professional and successful teams is closer than you ever imagined. Interns may manage the club’s social networks, identify key media partners, adapt content to international markets, identify new business products and opportunities, examine and evaluate the performance of the players or prepare physical training sessions. All depending on the intern’s background, skills and goals. Live training sessions, official games, meeting professional athletes and taking a tour of the stadium are a plus.

Large scope of options related to technology. From fintech, banking and insurance to large engineering firms, technological manufacturers, consultants and startups. From programming, and coding, to analysing big data, providing technological solutions and supporting multiple departments.

Travel, tourism and hospitality companies aiming to offer an unforgettable experience to all their customers. Main goal is to convert conventional experiences into unforgettable moments. Customer satisfaction always comes first. The interns will support the marketing and sales department by defining targets, media partners and communication channels. S/he will manage resources, bookings, customer requests and analyse detailed information to provide a better client experience.

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