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Are you thinking about taking a Gap Year?

Do you want to make the most of it, both personally and professionally?

At Euroace we offer unique Gap Year experiences in Valencia, Spain. You can join us for the length of time you choose, selecting a unique and exciting Gap Year program that encompasses what you’d like to do while you’re here.

A Gap Year can be an opportunity to learn and grow in so many ways. Our programs enable you to use this time to train and improve within your professional career, study and learn Spanish, and work with a volunteer or non-profit organization, opening your mind to global issues.

All of our programs will present new challenges, expose you to a new culture and prompt you to adapt to new ideas and environments. More than anything, this is an opportunity for personal growth and is sure to be a memorable experience!

Spanish Language Program

If you want to use a Gap Year to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and improve your communication and comprehension skills, then this program is for you. Our Spanish language courses help you to improve in all skill related areas within a practical learning environment.

This program focuses on creating a full Spanish immersion. So classes are designed to be interactive and to better your language skills for the real world. Teachers are all native Spaniard speakers and classes are delivered exclusively in Spanish.

In addition to the language course, you can partake in cultural activities to improve your knowledge of the local culture and customs of this region. Another feature you can opt for within this program is to live with a host family during your stay here. This will further your progress as it will extend your learning outside of the classroom, and give you the chance to experience the true Spanish culture and language! As a whole, this program takes you out of your comfort zone, into a beautiful new culture, and will definitely help you to grow on a personal level.

Internship Program

Our Internship Gap Year program enables you to spend the full course gaining real world business experience in the field of your choice, with a company here in Valencia. Choose from a diverse range of fields to find the right internship for you, helping to boost your credentials and business skills. We will select options relating to your requirements and you can choose the option that suits you best.

The program is not just work experience, it’s a chance to:

  • – create a global network
  • – learn how your industry operates on a global scale
  • – work with international colleagues in a diverse work environment
  • – enhance future employment opportunities
  • – form new friendships

This program can be combined with Spanish classes to combine your professional learning with language learning, creating a wholesome Gap Year experience. In any case, you’ll be able to travel, discover more about Spain and experience new challenges and opportunities entailing growth from a personal perspective too!

Gap Year Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer program in Valencia presents you with the opportunity to help those from underprivileged backgrounds, to work with populations at risk of social exclusion and to get involved in environmental projects. The volunteer program is essentially an experiential learning program that will not only benefit the lives of others less fortunate than you – but will also develop your own skills and personal opportunities too!

We collaborate with local organizations and initiatives providing opportunities to:

  • – assist underdeveloped communities
  • – contribute to community service work
  • – work on environmental and conservation projects
  • – collaborate with local NGO’s and their community outreach projects
  • – assist local agricultural companies
  • – help and support populations at risk of social exclusion; such as youth and elderly communities


Customize it!

Our Gap Year programs are all customizable. Meaning, if you would like to add a feature to one of our specific programs then you can.

Additional features you may want to include as part of your Gap Year experience may be cultural activities, day trips and excursions, sports training and team memberships, Spanish courses, homestay accommodation and other accommodation services.

To find out more about our experiential learning opportunities please get in touch and contact us here.


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