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Euroace (European Association for Cultural Exchange) is an academic organization based in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. Our Spanish language school has provided 6,000+ students, interns and institutions with unique experiences in Spain for more than a decade. We specialize in creating a tailor-made experience, a perfect fit between culture and language, professional experiences and academic education.


We offer a wide range of programs that are all made to measure. Each year, thousands of students dive into our culture through Spanish courses, professional internships and academic programs.

Spanish CoursesInternship Programs | Custom Programs | High School Programs | Soccer | Accommodation | Activities


Our team is made up of professionals with different educational profiles (e.g. Spanish Philology, Tourism, Physical Education, Environmental Studies, Political Science and Business Administration). The knowledge gained in the world of academic and cultural programs provides us with the understanding and experience to offer a unique service to our students.

With a supportive and encouraging teaching style and environment, we clearly identify objectives at the beginning of each lesson and course.

We take care of every detail, ensuring continuous development of the services we offer as well as offering support and guidance to every student on cultural and appropriate behaviour in a foreign country. We hope to meet the students’ needs, providing them with an enriching and formative experience abroad. Our main objective is the integration of foreign students into Spanish culture and lifestyle.


Our headquarters are located in the center of Valencia, one of the most beautiful and modern Mediterranean cities. Gorgeous beaches, a mixture of contemporary architecture with ancient monuments and buildings, possibly the best climate in Europe and a vibrant nightlife all distinguish this top visited city.


  • Fantastic city center location (central Valencia) next to Colón underground station
  • Excellent transport links on 2 subway lines, close proximity to the North train station and various bus stops
  • A short distance from cultural attractions and shopping areas
  • Just a short walk from Valencia´s beautiful park: Jardín del Turia


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • All classrooms are air-conditioned
  • Book-lending programme with books to suit all levels
  • Terrace for chilling out where we also hold yoga classes
  • Hot and cold drinks available

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Classes start at just 4 euros/hour! This is one of the most economical investments you can make

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    Contact Us

    Please contact us on:

    Telephone: +34 96 315 5702
    Address: C/ Colón 18, 7A | 46004 Valencia | Spain

    We look forward to hearing from you!