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Quick Class of Valenciano

Quick Class of Valenciano

Quick Class of Valenciano


Do you know Valencia has its own regional language? Valencian is spread all over the Valencian Community and it’s a co-official language along with Spanish.

We know this might be a bit confusing and that’s why today we’ll teach you some useful words and expressions:

First, how to greet and say goodbye:

  • Bon dia = Good day (morning, afternoon… as long as there is light)
  • Bona nit = Good night (evening, night… as long as it is dark)
  • Adéu = Goodbye (people say “Au” to make it shorter)
  • Fins demà = See you tomorrow


Second, we will give you some phrases you can use when you are being introduced to someone:

  • – Com estàs? = How are you?
  • – Què tal? = How are you? (more informal, like “what’s up”)
  • – Molt bé, i tú? = I’m good, and you?
  • – Com et dius? = What’s your name?
  • – El meu nom és… = My name is…


Third, we would like you to understand directions, for example:

  • – Dreta/ Esquerra = Right/ Left
  • – Davant/ Darrere = In front/ Behind
  • – Abans/ Després = Before/ After
  • – Prop/ Lluny = Near/ Far


And last, let’s learn some polite expressions:

  • – Per favor = Please
  • – Gràcies = Thank you
  • – De res = You’re welcome


Did you know in the Valencian region there are many families who speak another language? Valencian is an official language along with Spanish (Castellano) in Valencia! Live with a host family and learn about Valencian for yourself!


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