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Kingsley McLeod, USA

I loved my experience with Euroace. Everyone there was fantastic and kind. They were willing to bring me into their circle and invite me different places. I was quickly accustomed to the city and felt right at home in Valencia because of everyone at Euroace. I wasn’t able to go on a lot of the excursions, but the few I went on were a lot of fun and great new experiences. I was able to learn how to cook Paella, the traditional dish of Valencia, which was very cool and tasty. The internship they set me up with was top class. I was able to learn a lot of different things working with the group at Villarreal FC and enjoyed going to a couple games. In all, there is nothing bad that I can say about Euroace. Everyone is friendly and willing to help, the housing accommodations are ideal, and the city is absolutely gorgeous.

Ghazaleh Golpira, United Kingdom

“And now for an unforgettable trip down memory lane. Spring 2011, or more precisely, 10th April 2011. A day marking the beginning of my Erasmus experience in Valencia. Not knowing quite what to expect as I walk through those airport doors, I find myself greeted by a pair of warm smiles, the smiles of Euroace’s company directors : Isabel and Jose. From this day forth, I knew that everything was going to be alright. In fact, not just alright – Valencia had already felt like home and I knew that I was about to embark upon a very special adventure.

From organizing my work placement with a PR and advertising company to planning a host of activities, such as kayaking, sailing, trips to ‘Bioparc’ zoo, flamenco shows and Europe’s largest aquarium, Euroace had given me the wonderful privilege of crossing paths with like-minded individuals on their programs who had also shared and appreciated my love of Spain and passion for its lively culture.

Then came the famous weekly language exchanges at St Patrick’s pub, an international hub of polyglots who would gather there on Thursday evenings to share stories, improve their linguistic skills, sing karaoke, and enjoy some good company.

Having enjoyed my Erasmus experience so much, I now return to Valencia at least twice a year to relive some of my fondest memories with the incredible people who hold, and will forever always, a very special place in my heart”.

Dabin Yang, South Korea

It was a very unforgettable experience with Euroace. I lived in a flat near the center, which was in a very good location. I still remember how to go to the market, the stadium, the train station, shopping center, and so many places! Public transportation in Valencia was very convenient. I have used both bus and train to visit another cities like Barcelona and Madrid. To go to my office, I just took on a bus and it only took 10~15 minutes. The internship program was a very good chance for me to experience online promotion, especially in sports. I could have a chance to go to a football match in Villarreal and it was a really really nice experience! And I could also learn Spanish from a Spanish teacher. On top of that, Valencia is an amazingly gorgeous city! It’s a coastal city with palm trees everywhere and has a very nice weather and sun. And especially in summer, it’s a very nice place to do shopping as well. If you want to spend your time doing some work and studying Spanish at the same time, Valencia would be the best choice!

Kate Rebecca Turner, Australia

I participated in their 6 weeks Spanish course, it was informative, easy going and made learning Spanish extremely fun, by offering inter-combine nights and day drips in and around Valencia! I would recommend them to anyone looking to learn this beautiful Language.

Valerie Pabst, Germany

Over two and a half years ago I decided to do my internship, that I needed to be able to start college, abroad. Since the only two languages I had studied before were English and Latin, I had no preferies were to got to. Although not knowing a word Spanish my choise fell on Valencia working with Juan Anton de Salas and the Villareal CF. I never imagined being welcomed there even more than I was in the States during my exchange year there. But it was possible. During the ten weeks I stayed with the best hostfamily I could imagine. Not only because my hosts sisters treated me as a friend and sister at once, but also because my hostparents showed me how to live “Español”. Thanks to daily classes with Isa I was able to really speak and communicate Spanish after only seven weeks. Noone I was talking to could believe I hadn’t studied it before. I met so many fantastic and amazing people from all over the world – thanks to Eurace and the language school- during my stay. All activities that were organized for us really made me feel welcomed and I had tons of fun getting to know the area with some great people.

I can only recomend any stay with Eurace in Valencia!



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