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Euroace Testimonials


“An experience with Euroace is an experience you’ll treasure forever. The company’s Directors, Isa and José are two of the most wonderful people i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Their friendly personalities and enthusiasm for educating their students about the Spanish culture are beyond words! Euroace offer a host of activities to ensure that your time in Valencia is well spent. From weekly language exchanges and internships, to excursions and sporting events, Euroace offer them all. I’ve loved my time in Spain so much that i’m heading back there to pursue my postgraduate studies there 🙂 Highly recommended!”

Laura Thomas

“I loved my experience with Euroace. Everyone there was fantastic and kind. They were willing to bring me into their circle and invite me different places. I was quickly accustomed to the city and felt right at home in Valencia because of everyone at Euroace. I wasn’t able to go on a lot of the excursions, but the few I went on were a lot of fun and great new experiences. I was able to learn how to cook Paella, the traditional dish of Valencia, which was very cool and tasty. The internship they set me up with was top class. I was able to learn a lot of different things working with the group at Villarreal FC and enjoyed going to a couple games. In all, there is nothing bad that I can say about Euroace. Everyone is friendly and willing to help, the housing accommodations are ideal, and the city is absolutely gorgeous.”

Kingsley McLeod (USA)

“Euroace allowed me to find my internship as well as a place to stay for the 2 months I spent in Valencia. The team works very hard to make sure everyone has a fun experience. I knew I could count on them if I needed help or advice, and I had a great time meeting people and discovering the city”.

Marilys Fernández (France)

“Isabel and Jose are so kind and helpful! It was so nice to have somewhere I knew I could count on to help me with anything I needed during my stay. Can’t wait to go back to Valencia and see them!”

Christa Koisti

“It was a very unforgettable experience with Euroace. I lived in a flat near the center, which was in a very good location. I still remember how to go to the market, the stadium, the train station, shopping center, and so many places! Public transportation in Valencia was very convenient. I have used both bus and train to visit another cities like Barcelona and Madrid. To go to my office, I just took on a bus and it only took 10~15 minutes. The internship program was a very good chance for me to experience online promotion, especially in sports. I could have a chance to go to a football match in Villarreal and it was a really really nice experience! And I could also learn Spanish from a Spanish teacher. On top of that, Valencia is an amazingly gorgeous city! It’s a coastal city with palm trees everywhere and has a very nice weather and sun. And especially in summer, it’s a very nice place to do shopping as well. If you want to spend your time doing some work and studying Spanish at the same time, Valencia would be the best choice!”

Dabin Yang (South Korea)

“I participated in their 6 weeks Spanish course, it was informative, easy going and made learning Spanish extremely fun, by offering inter-combine nights and day drips in and around Valencia! I would recommend them to anyone looking to learn this beautiful Language.”

Kate Rebecca Turner (Australia)