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Group, one-to-one or conversation lessons. Which is the best Spanish course for you? Our flexible choice of programmes includes various levels and topic areas. We meet you where you are at!


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Online lessons

Limited time to learn a new language? At Euroace we offer additional courses that may suit your needs better.

  • Improve your conversational Spanish
  • Native Spaniard teachers
  • Book the time that suits you best
  • Anywhere, anytime, any device

Summer Camps

For those students who like to maximize summer we have intensive summer camps that include intensive Spanish courses combined with cultural activities and daytrips and sport programmes (including football). Meet new people and discover Valencia, while improving your Spanish language skills.



Situated in the heart of Valencia, Euroace’s Spanish School is located just a few minutes walk from the most important touristic sites and shopping area. Multiple public transport options are also available nearby.

How do we teach?

We believe that the best way to learn is through a practical and personal way. To achieve this, our experienced teachers organize classes tailored to each individual’s interests and abilities. Our classes are as original and unique as each one of you.

Therefore, our teachers gain a deep understanding of students’ strengths and weaknesses, providing them with diverse and personally relevant material. While conversation and putting the language into practice serves as the basis for the student’s day-to-day learning, we also access resources from various publishers, ELE, and original Euroace designed materials.

Written work at home will reflect and reinforce classroom content. Lastly, each student determines the dynamic of their learning experience, so we remain flexible in order to guide their learning accordingly. We present all the necessary tools, at the appropriate time, so that students not only excel in reaching their learning goals, but surpass them as well. Teaching from a practical point of view allows one to naturally assimilate grammar, sentence structures, vocabulary, pronunciation, and intonation. We believe that learning should occur in the most natural way possible.


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