Internship Programs


Internship Programs

University Students or Recent Graduates

Looking to get some real world experience? Or maybe you’re considering taking a gap year? At Euroace we collaborate with multiple companies in different sectors where you can complete an internship. It is a natural extension from your academic studies and an opportunity to gain an overall view of the professional world. Choosing to complete an internship abroad is unforgettable and life-changing!

An internship in Valencia is much more than just a work experience

  • Develop a global network
  • Immerse in a new language
  • Choose from a diverse range of fields
  • Become a unique professional
  • Travel, live and work in Spain


 For University Students or Recent Graduates

What can you expect?

You will be assigned a placement contact who will guide and mentor you through your daily tasks. Our Euroace Team also provides support for you every step of the way!

Our Student Internships in Valencia consist on professional placements that provide a unique training experience. Learn business skills “on the job” while taking an inside look to the specific industry.

You decide the length of your internship. The minimum is usually one month, but you can stay for 3 or more months, depending on your requirements.

Do I have to speak Spanish?

Spanish is not a prerequisite for every company, as many working environments speak both Spanish and English. We do encourage you to use any Spanish you know, but remember, we are always here to help!

Euroace arranges professional placements for you in a company related to your interests. For example, the ‘Sports Internship’ is very popular amongst our students. Professional clubs, industry leaders and suppliers of all kind already work in close collaboration with Euroace to ensure the best opportunities for both companies and interns.

If you are interested in our Sports Internship Program or our Volunteering Program, or prefer some marketing experience in a start-up environment, contact us by phone, email or the form below to start your student internship in Valencia!

Just specify your interest and we will make it happen!


Placements Sectors

Business Administration
Media Studies
Public Relations and Advertising
Liberal Arts
Graphic Design
Health Sciences


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Just specify your interest and we will make it happen!


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