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 Internships, Spanish Courses and Sports


Students can choose the internship that best suits their skills and future goals. At Euroace we collaborate with hundreds of companies in multiple sectors so our students gain real business world experience.

You can design your own internship program:

  • Choose your sector
  • Do you want to take Spanish classes to learn or improve your Spanish?
  • Enrol in language exchanges, cultural excursions or immerse in the Spanish culture by attending a Tapas and Flamenco night.
  • You can now create your dream experience!

Spanish Courses

Customized Spanish Courses are available for all our students.

We can create a subject-specific Spanish program tailored to your interests. Let us know what area your group wants to study in and we’ll work with you every step of the way to meet your needs.

– Spanish Grammar
– Spanish Phonetics
– Hispanic Literature
– Translations (Spanish-English)
– Business-specific
– Medical Spanish
– Preparation for DELE examinations
– Spanish for Specific Purposes

Our teachers can adapt to the number of hours/ days of the week you’d prefer to study and the time of the year you’d like to study in too. Classes can be group based or one to one if you prefer a more intensive learning program.


Valencia is home to professional teams and clubs in football, soccer, basketball, tennis, futsal, volleyball, sailing, rugby, track and field, swimming and many more. Acquire an international experience practicing and improving your skills in the sport that you are passionate about. Choose the length of the program, when you want to start and discover new high performance methods, unique training experiences and play with and against international peers.

Let us help you!

Spanish Courses
Learn Spanish

Make the most of your time in Spain

To suit every budget.

€ Prices
Classes start at just 4 euros/hour! This is one of the most economical investments you can make

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