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Groups · Faculty-Led

At Euroace we provide fully customized courses where students enjoy an immersive learning experience in Spain

The Program:

Tailored-made programs may include Spanish courses, cultural excursions and day trips, business activities, gastronomic experiences and volunteering work. Visit & meet leading Spanish companies, participate in multiple sports events, taste and learn how to cook local gastronomy and get a full cultural & language Spanish immersion.

Take advantage of our 360º custom program and design your own experience!

  • Learn Spanish while surrounded by culture, history & tradition
  • Benefit from personal interactions with companies and organizations
  • Dedicated team and experienced teachers will make you feel at home
  • All programs are fully customizable – You decide what you want!


At Euroace we support teachers by providing opportunities for your students to discover what’s behind textbook theory, taking them out of the classroom and across the globe to experience the real world of business.

Valencia is a business hub with a blooming startup environment, a powerful trade centre and strong traditional industries such as ceramics, tile, furniture and clothing. Students will be able to visit and meet a variety of companies acquiring insights and networking with experienced professionals.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural immersion programs are designed specifically for the needs of each group and can last for as long as you need. Each program may include academic courses, cultural activities, field trips, excursions and workshops designed to improve participants’ leadership skills.

“Euroace allowed me to find my internship as well as a place to stay for the 2 months I spent in Valencia. The team works very hard to make sure everyone has a fun experience. I knew I could count on them if I needed help or advice, and I had a great time meeting people and discovering the city”.

Marilys Fernández


Gastronomy programs are designed for groups who want to experience Spanish culture through its taste. The program is designed to boost confidence and develop students’ culinary skills and knowledge of cooking. The programs gives students the ability and inspiration to prepare delicious Spanish meals for family and friends. Paella, tortilla de patata (Spanish omelette) and tapas will be amongst the courses the student will cook and taste.


Students will learn, live and experience nature in parks and reserves. This environmental learning program includes day trips, excursions and field trips to natural parks and reserves where students will plant native plants, remove invasive plants, do turtle census, bird ringing or irrigate trees and bushes, amongst many other activities.


Valencia counts with professional teams and clubs in football, soccer, basketball, tennis, futsal, volleyball, sailing, rugby, track and field, swimming and many more. Acquire an international experience practicing and improving your skills in the sport that you are passionate about. Choose the length of the program, when you want to start and discover new high performance methods, unique training experiences and play with and against international peers.

Volunteering/Service Learning

The service learning program has an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs. Through these volunteering experiences, students help and support different social groups such as very young kids at risk of social exclusion, elderly or homeless people. Groups can choose the social group they want to develop activities with and share experiences.


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