Sports and Cultural Activities

Valencia is Spain’s most exciting and enjoyable place to live and study Spanish… and there are plenty of activities to do!

We organize a wide variety of activities throughout the entire year. Join us in cultural excursions to historical and emblematic villages within the Valencian region, gastronomic festivals, cooking classes, sporting activities (e.g., soccer and basketball games, skiing, sailing, and kayaking), visits to nature reserves and parks, excursions to other Spanish cities, and meet locals and other students at our language exchanges. There is something for everyone!

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Sporting Activities

Do you like to stay active and enjoy being outdoors? Valencia’s climate and landscape beckon you to partake in as many activities as possible. We arrange individual or group activities year-round. In Valencia and near Valencia you can practice your favourite sport or discover a new hobby!

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Cultural and Gastronomic Activities and Festivals

Immerse yourself in our culture by savouring local eats, observing and taking part in festivals, participating in excursions to villages within the Mediterranean coast, learning how to prepare typical dishes and exploring important sites in the city.

Wellness Activities

These activities that engage people in becoming happier, healthier, and more energetic are gaining popularity and are easy to practice in Valencia thanks to its fantastic climate, superb Mediterranean cuisine – our Paella cooking class is a must-attend activity – and stress-free lifestyle. Come and join us!

Volunteering Program in Valencia

Looking to volunteer abroad or enhance your gap year? At Euroace we have a volunteering abroad program for those people eager to help the local community in Valencia and the Mediterranean region. These volunteer activities include the development of disadvantaged communities and reforestation projects. Start planning your next great adventure today!

Many Sporting Options

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euroace conversation

euroace conversation

Language Exchange

Each week, we get together at a centrally-located pub in Valencia. Meet locals and other students to practice Spanish and other languages in a fun, relaxing environment. You can meet people from everywhere!


Enjoy yourself as you improve your Spanish and form new friendships at our activities!


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