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Euroace Acommodation


Euroace offers Various Accommodation Choices

A Full Spanish Experience

Our goal is to offer our students a complete cultural immersion that allows them to improve their Spanish.

Euroace can advise on accommodation for your stay in Valencia. At Euroace we can help you arrange a place to live before you travel. Finding good-quality and affordable accommodation in Valencia or elsewhere can be challenging, so students appreciate our assistance.

Options are based on individual preferences, both for short- and long- term stays. The accommodation is available for students of our programs and courses, or for anyone who wishes to spend some time in Valencia.

Shared Apartment

Share an entire apartment with others in the city centre. Single or Double Rooms are available in a flatshare.

Short- or long- term stays are available for students of our programs and courses, as well as for those who wish to spend some time in Valencia. The apartments are fully equipped with WiFi.

This type of accommodation offers single or double rooms. Options are based on individual preferences.


Host Families

Looking to get more exposure to Spanish? Living with a host family can be the perfect complement to your language learning.

Homestay accommodation can be an excellent way to improve your language skills during your stay in Spain. You live with a Spanish family, eat meals with them and integrate into their daily lifestyle. It is a fantastic way to practice the language and to experience Spanish culture.

Host families are specially selected for their welcoming, caring attitude towards overseas students. If you would like to find out more about homestays, please contact us.

Euroace family

Hotel / Youth Hostel

Choose from a location in the city center or near the beach. The benefits of living in a hotel / hostel include the ease of making friends with people from all over the world!

Whichever location you choose, you’ll have all the facilities you need: a kitchen with full cooking facilities, dining room, cafe, chill-out area, TV, free WiFi and much more! And you can choose between single or shared rooms.

To book your hotel / hostel accommodation get in touch with us at:


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